Our company is focused on sectors dedicated to achieving multidisciplinary engineering projects. The engineering design, manufacturing and commissioning of engineering projects carried bespoke customer. The high quality, the uniqueness of their products and specific problem-solving skills allow long-term relationship with its clients based on trust and ongoing collaboration.

Our engineering, which has the vocation to effectively solve the production needs of our clients, is focused on advanced technologies for the development of innovative solutions in the automation of industrial processes of high complexity as well as to provide solutions in the environmental sector.

The story of our company dates back at the end of the eighties, with the establishment of Mac Productivity society aimed at special machinery manufacturing, engineering and technical services for the industry in general. The company eventually came to belong to the group of companies all MP Industrial Corporation, an industry group with several business lines. Given the growth and commitment to specific products, the group decides to dispense with the engineering devoted to special projects, like the multinationals in their time.

In addition to the technical and human evolution in these years, our entrepreneurial culture is focused on providing solutions to ensure “Productivity” of our customers. Our professionalism and ingenuity supports us in developing technology systems industry.

Among the activities carried out by our company we can highlight the following:

Engineering - thinking of machines

  • Development of production processes
  • Development of products
  • Industrial organization and planning

Special machines made to measure

  • Individual- unique machines
  • Assembly lines and work cells
  • Automation and robotization of industrial processes
  • Special equipment and tools for machines
  • Machine reprocessing

Tools mechaning

  • Manufacturing of precision tools according to our customers' plans
  • Manufacturing of special calibre - using the customer's plan
  • Manufacturing of special tools - using the customer's plan

Metrology laboratory

  • Our metrology laboratory has all necessary resources for the measure of our pieces in accordance with customers' needs.
  • We boast calibre certification for our devices - a three dimensional machine capable of measuring on table 1,200x800x500mm large - as well as certification of size and manufactured pieces, according to the standards.

Machine park and industrial equipment

  • 5 lathes– capacity up to D800mm and 2,000mm long.
  • 7 milling machines– capacity up to 1,000x600x500mm.
  • 4 surface grinders – capacity up to 850x500x280mm.
  • 3 (inside and outside) diameter grinders – capacity up to D500x1,880mm.
  • 2 CNC mechaning centres – capacity up to 800x500x300mm.
  • 1 precision jig boring machine – capacity up to 2,450x900x850mm.
  • Several materials in store – 7,500-8,500kg of special steel – ready for manufacturing pieces delivered in a very short time.
  • 2 sierras de cortes – with a cut capacity of 300x200mm.
  • Oxy-fuel cutting equipment - special - 2,000x900mm.
  • To join pieces of metal, we have almost all kinds of solder technology available from our colleagues of the automotive, aeronautic and food industries.
  • Heat treatment furnace – 1,000x1,000x1,000mm capacity.
  • Surface treatment of pieces by immersion – bluing.
  • Lacquer – painting oven – with a capacity of 4,500x2,500x2,500mm long.


We have committed ourselves to our customers, to constant innovation for their benefit. Our technology and structure carry on being developed in Seville, where our facilities are located. We have, considering offices and productive premises for manufacturing and assembling products, a total of 1,350 square metres available. There is an assembly premises adjacent to the company head office so such an area may be extended 800 square metres more, having them at our disposal with completely flexible schedule.

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